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Neurotechnology solution to verify facial images quickly and reliably

Neurotechnology has over 30 years of experience in algorithm development, Company offers large-scale multi-biometric AFIS SDK, PC-based, embedded, smart card fingerprint, face, eye iris, voice and palm print identification SDK.


Neurotechnology solution uses in-house created and award-winning algorithms, that take only second to verify facial images and return the answer of similarity score. Solution works as an application on a local device (Android or PC – requires camera and NFC reader). No internet connectivity needed. No need for data retention. Robust use. The solution was tested in various circumstances, for example, when a person is wearing a face mask and the solution still succeeded in providing a credible comparison. It was created to ease the work of Migration Department employees by providing extra security measures in topics such as identity theft and it will also ensure that the chance of human-error is minimised.

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