GovTech Challenge Series

GovTech Challenge Series is a structured process of connecting public sector challenges and innovative teams that have ideas and solutions. GovTech Challenge Series is designed to solve public sector challenges that do not have a clear answer, but have a potential to foster a creation of innovative digital solutions. It is an innovation to traditional procurement process, because it focuses on piloting solutions before proceeding to full scale implementation.

  • Public sector challenge selection

  • Open call for ideas or solutions

  • Best ideas and teams are selected

  • Solution development | Co-Create Programme

  • Best solutions are presented during the Demo Day

Work on Real Challenges

Many startups fail because they never achieve the product-market fit while GovTech programs provide real challenges as well as the potential customer who is looking to solve them.

Network Building

Participating in a GovTech program means working closely with the public sector and establishing connections. Also, in many cases such programs serve as a “stamp of approval” for selected startups.

Access to a Broader Market

Most governments worldwide deal with similar challenges and have similar functions. This implies that solutions for common challenges provide a lot of opportunities to scale worldwide.

Alternative Approach to a Problem

An opportunity to partnership with startups, academia or SME’s to create innovative, technology-based solutions to solve public sector challenges.

Low Risk Experimentation

The program manages the risks of experimentation with innovation through a staged process and expert mentorship.

Better Outcomes

The created solutions often offer better value for money than the traditional procurement methods. In addition, partnerships build skill and knowledge around the challenge topic.

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