Innovation Bank

Lithuania is your sandbox. Register, match and test!

GovTech Lab Lithuania has opened Innovation Bank and welcomes digital innovation creators from all over the world to register their already developed or upcoming digital innovations.

GovTech Innovation Bank is a pool of digital innovations – products, services – developed or planned to be launched by companies, start-ups, academia, or other innovation teams.  

Registered innovations will be presented to public sector organizations that plan to improve internal processes, products and services or develop data driven policies.

Registered digital innovations will have an opportunity to be:

  • tested and adapted in the public sector through the Challenge Series programme organized by GovTech Lab Lithuania,
  • presented at the GovTech Leaders conference, GovTech Academy and other events. 

The main criteria for innovations to be registered in the GovTech Innovation Bank: 

  • The innovation is based on emerging technologies (such as AI, biometrics, blockchain, data analytics and/or other); 
  • The innovation is replicable in other organizations;  
  • The innovation could improve internal processes of organizations, or services or products provided to users, or develop data driven policies; 
  • The innovation has a sufficient maturity level to be tested with users. 

The gates to the bank for the third round will be closed on June 2nd.

The pool of innovations will be published on the GovTech Lab Lithuania website. Registered innovations might be presented in various forms (publications, presentations, etc) during programmes and events organized by GovTech Lab Lithuania. 

By registering innovations, companies, start-ups and other innovation teams reserve the right for GovTech Lab Lithuania representatives to select information from the information provided in the registration form at their discretion. 







Transaction monitoring solution allows real-time and retrospective monitoring of financial transactions. It could allow any public/governmental entities dealing with transactions BoL, CENTROlink, VMI, etc. to mitigate the risk of money laundering, fraud and other financial crimes.

Contact Alexandre Pinot,

10X Immersive


Virtual Reality-based Pediatric pain management system:  10X Immersive helps children/patients to have less painful, anxiety-free pediatric medical procedures using a personalized most immersive Virtual Reality based system. Two products are suggested: Against Needle Phobia and Against Dental Phobia.

Contact Davit Zargaryan,



Login with Digital Identity Wallet. Instead of memorizing user names and passwords, use Digital Identity Wallet. When the user does not know his username and password, he can’t “share” it with fraudsters. Solution differs from current password manager apps in that we do not manage passwords and use two-way authentication.

Contact Audrius Ramoška,



CiRCLR is a business-to-business platform that decarbonises businesses through reducing waste in a circular economy. CiRCLR is the tool that incentivises all businesses in the supply chain to measure, record, trade and trace their waste. Connecting waste to value added opportunities and building critical mass of resources to scale.

Contact Sara Smeath,



With Sofainsider companies can engage their target user groups (i.e. insiders) based on detailed profilling and get anonymous and objective insights in days. Companies can use Sofainsider in various development stages – from problem identification, to idea generation, to concept testing. For their participation, insiders earn credits and can choose to donate their reward to a selected charity organisation or cash out. Sofainsider is not meant to be used as a single tool for a thorough market research or perform customer satisfaction survey. But rather get a quick check from the target audience on question(s) at hand that could help speed up decisions how to better design your services.

Contact Akvilė Kriaučiūnaitė,



Biometric Access Card – fingerprints are enrolled, stored and matched solely within the card itself, safeguarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Fully compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations. Does not need a battery, does not need internet connection and is used within same infrastructure as a regular access ISO card.

Contact Mantas Baranauskas,



Automatic scheduling tool based on artificial intelligence for creating and managing effective workforce schedules. With the help of a smart IT system managers can save significant amount of time spent on repetitive tasks. OPTAS, without the intervention of the manager, can build Labour Law compliant shift schedules in an automated way, collect employee requests for days off, track employees worktime and create timesheets. The tool is suitable for healthcare, manufacturing, retail & public services.

Contact Kristina Laukaitytė,

Mastercard. Tourism Insights Platform


The tourism insights platform, in partnership with Mabrian, is a data analytics tool that offers comprehensive traveler insights by combining various data sources, such as spend data, tourism products and attractions, air travel and booking behavior, and accommodation. This analysis provides a holistic understanding of travelers’ spending patterns, opinions, feedback, airport traffic, and accommodation preferences.

Contact Donara Barojan,

Mastercard. Destination Insights


Destination insights are static reports that offer valuable information on seasonality trends, ranked origin markets, average spend metrics, and growth rates in the target destination. These reports provide an overview of foreign tourists’ spending patterns, giving stakeholders a deeper understanding of traveler behavior. By analyzing core differences between geographies, governments and businesses can gain key insights and enhance their strategies to cater to the unique needs of tourists visiting the destination.

Contact Donara Barojan,



Insurmatics introduces a best-in-class, smart home solution to insurance companies that saves time and money to improve risk management and precarious relationships between insurers and insureds. Besides, Exploiting IoT and AI mitigates loss, theft, or damage risks and increases market penetration.

Contact Mohammad Aghababaie,



IoTeeDom provides an intelligent platform for investors to make the world a better place. We provide a low-risk SaaS powered by AI to track how much impact is made in mega-city projects. Our intelligent city solution is for investors to understand how much impact they can have in their portfolio, i.e. carbon credits, while providing microfinancing for SMEs in underserved markets.

Contact Brianna Cook,

Mastercard. RiskRecon


RiskRecon is a cybersecurity solution that offers an intuitive cybersecurity risk management, utilizing open-source intelligence and automation for effective monitoring and prioritization of both internal and third-party cyber hygiene issues based on severity and potential impact.

Contact Donara Barojan,

Mastercard. City Key


Mastercard City Key is a customizable card program designed to help governments and local agencies disburse funds and provide services to residents and businesses. The platform aims to enable safe, fast, and secure payments, engage residents, and provide improved access to various services. More than 60 cities are using Mastercard City Key to support their communities, including residents impacted by disasters, small businesses, students, and underbanked populations.

Contact Donara Barojan,

Futures Platform


Futures Platform is an AI-driven digital platform that provides an all-in-one solution for strategic foresight. It is the industry standard source for future trends, scenarios and long term change. It’s a full-functionality visual and collaborative toolbox for foresight and management teams, ensuring your organisation’s strategy and key decisions are future proof.

Contact Troy Woodson,



Ondato is a tech company that streamlines KYC (Know Your Client)  and AML (Anti Money Laudering)-related processes. Ondato provides technological solutions such as digital identity verification, business customer onboarding, data validation, authentication, and more. These provide the highest standard available of KYC online or offline on-boarding for all business and customer types, orchestrated from a single interface.

Contact Ingrida Eidukonyte,



Polltix is a representative public consultation platform with a built-in feedback loop. Unlike other public consultation platforms, we take care of audience building by running social media advertising campaigns, and building media partnerships. Also, unlike our competitors’, our public consultations have a publicly visible representativity score, showing how representative each public consultation was.

Contact Matas Šeimys,



Vistalworks Illicit Trade Sentinel contributes to a stronger economy by reducing the financial harm of illicit trade. We reduce the negative impact on legitimate businesses by detecting trade in banned, unlicensed & fake goods, so protecting their revenue. We increase government revenues by preventing lost taxes & duties, and by reducing criminal financial flows. Our software improves consumer confidence that they are buying genuine and safe products, ensuring a healthy and competitive marketplace.

Contact Vicky Brock,



Customized virtual assistants for Governmental sector to do most mundane, boring and repetitive tasks. There are some virtual assistants already created for municipalities and other government institutions – these can be scaled to similar processes via SAAS (software as a service) concept. New ones could be created from scratch – in this case, development costs and licensing would be calculated case-by-case.

Contact Vaidas Velykis,



Automating data-heavy processes and workflows. The product is available for freemiums and paid plans for enterprises. We are focused on industries like transport, logistics, aviation.

Contact Šarunas Strasevičius,



LupaSearch is an advanced search engine solution for e-commerce and information systems. LupaSearch search software is used for product search in e-commerce stores, searching the “Frequently Asked Questions” section, providing high-quality search results from all the information on the website, conducting comprehensive catalog searches, and more.

Contact Rasa Šiškutė-Bagdonienė,

QPR Software


QPR Metrics offers a robust and flexible performance management system with an attractive user interface. You can access stunning KPI dashboards and scorecards on-the-go through. This solution is ideal for driving performance and executing your strategy.

Contact Laura Senkevičiūtė-Doviltė (In Lithuania),,  Alexandra Bondarenko (in Finland),



SUPER HOW? offers technological solutions such as SUPER HOW blockchain core – an enterprise-grade hybrid blockchain-as-a-service infrastructure, decentralized digital identity for decentralized finance (DeFi), white-label decentralized exchange, asset tokenization, and AI-driven business solutions.

Contact Jovita Šneiderienė,



superhow.ART is a framework for digitizing and tracking the provenance of fine art using blockchain technology. superhow.ART framework allows for physical art pieces to be digitized and then tokenized as NFTs, ensuring their accessibility in an increasingly virtual economy.

Contact Ieva Gražytė,



Axiology is a tokenized securities trading and settlement system (DLT TSS). This infrastructure makes it easier for businesses to issue, deposit, and account for tokenized sustainable financial instruments – securities (government issued securities, private equity, corporate bonds, etc.), tokenized offerings, ESG derivatives and more.

Contact Marius Jurgilas,

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