What is GovTech Lab?

GovTech Lab Lithuania is a team in public sector focused on encouraging the creation and use of innovative solutions for the government.

GovTech Lab helps the public sector identify challenges that can be solved by emerging technologies, engages startups and SMEs to create innovative solutions and accelerates teams in the #GovTech field.

GovTech Lab has started as “Create Lithuania” and Ministry of Economy and Innovation initiative in 2019, and the same year was officially set up in the Agency of Science, Innovation and Technology. From August of 2022, GovTech Lab operates in the Innovation Agency Lithuania.

Since its establishment, GovTech Lab has already won the Innovation in Politics award in 2019, was awarded in 2020 by Project Management Institute (Lithuanian Chapter) as the Best Public Sector Project, and was selected among the best TOP 3 GovTech initiatives in the world by PUBLIC.

What do we do?

GovTech Lab matches GovTech challenges and ideas

Our main goal is to connect public sector institutions that have challenges and teams with innovative ideas and capabilities in entrepreneur community, academia, or NGO. We help public sector identify challenges and find ideas or solutions to solve them. To achieve this, we have developed GovTech Challenge Series, a structured programme to build GovTech solutions solving the most pressing challenges.

GovTech Lab accelerates GovTech teams

We help startups and SMEs, working on GovTech solutions to validate their ideas, create MVPs, build and expand their businesses. Our Accelerator helps teams working with public sector institutions during the GovTech Challenge Series. The Accelerator provides free expert consultations on business development, public procurement, product development, marketing and other topics. It assists startups with finding relevant clients in the public sector, both in Lithuania and abroad.

GovTech Lab is building GovTech community

Strong GovTech community is a backbone of a thriving ecosystem! Therefore GovTech Lab works on spreading the knowledge about GovTech and building networks of innovators both within and outside the public sector. We organise community events for both public and private sectors from local meetups, training sessions to public sector officials to international conferences. To build a local GovTech community that could have a global impact, we also co-founded and run an international network of similar organisations that connects the global GovTech community – Global GovTech Alliance.

Meet our team

Liucija Sabulytė

Manager of GovTech Lab

Kamila Gasinska

Strategic Partnerships

Rūta Ūsaitė

GovTech Project Manager

Viktoras Urbis

GovTech Challenge Series

Dovilė Gaižauskienė

GovTech Sandbox

Gabrielė Juškėnaitė-Rakauskė

GovTech Conference and Events

Raimondas Pučka

Pre-commercial Procurement

Recognised by

Innovation in Politics Award

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Public Sector Project of the Year, PMI Lithuania Awards

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