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KTU solution for a real time satellite image of Lithuania

KTU is a group of researchers from the Kaunas University of Technology working with various artificial intelligence applications. They have worked with object recognition from aerial images, during which they gained practical experience with computer vision application for large-scale data analysis.


KTU is developing a solution that creates a real-time Lithuania map by using open-access data from Copernicus 1 and Copernicus 2 satellite images. Copernicus 1 images are radar images, which can be used to analyse earth surface reflection signals in the radio spectrum, while Copernicus 2 data is optical satellite images. The main challenge in developing such a map is related to noise in data, such as clouds and also data size. KTU team developed a program that could automatically download, store and provide an interface to consumers for further work. The solution might not be limited to the public sector but also designed for private companies to help plan infrastructure, investment strategies, valuation of real estate.

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