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Novian solution to supervise trust service providers in an innovative way

Novian Systems is a provider of high-quality, efficient and reliable information systems for large and medium-sized organisations, and business process automation software. The company’s key areas of activity are e-governance, e-health, finance, social security, environmental protection, and solutions for the education sector.


Novian Systems created an automated solution, based on robotic process automation (RPA), to supervise trust service providers, established in Lithuania. These robots should free employees of Communications Regulatory Authority from exhausting manual tasks of incident investigation and audits. The benefit of using robots is two-fold: the employees can engage in more value-added tasks, while robots proactively perform the monitoring of availability and vulnerabilities of the trust services, doing it 24/7. The expected result of such changes would be an increased effectiveness of Communications Regulatory Authority and more happy end-users receiving reliable and secure services.

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