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Innovation programme delivery workshop

Welcome to the CivTech Alliance innovation delivery workshop! For our members, this is an opportunity to have refresher as to how our different programmes operate and explore the enablers and barriers to success. For our guests, you may be running a public sector innovation / govtech / civtech programme already, or part of the ecosystem which enables its success.

We will work through thorny issues around culture, compliance, promotion and impact. this will be a highly interactive session so expect to participate whether you run a programme or simply want to build your awareness of critical success factors. 


To meet up in person and run through the operations of the different CivTech Alliance members’ and guests’ programmes 

To welcome relevant stakeholders to give them an understanding of the barriers/enablers to the successful running of the programmes 


Greater understanding of different challenge programme methodologies and their operations. 

Opportunity to build relationships and connections between the programmes 


Documentation and images relating to the different themes/topics – this could be made public and published into a little operational handbook 

Operational snapshot of all our programmes 

Top 10 challenges/strategic development topics/ key solutions, or otherwise – To be followed up on 

We will issue any relevant documentation to participants a week before the event so everyone has time to review. After the event we will reformat them, along with our findings from the day, into a publishable document which will serve as a concise summary of our programmes. 


The workshop will be facilitated 

Cabaret format 6 ppl x 8-10 tables with different team members inputting into the topic discussions on separate tables. 

This session will be recorded in order to capture the findings which can be anonymised or attributed according to people’s wishes. 

Bring your whole team! You have domain experts within your teams that have wisdom to share with others! 

Event is funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

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