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CivTech Alliance Global Scale-up Programme: Improving Environmental Resilience

Day two of the COP26 Global Scale-Up Programme will entail a series of presentations from leading, global enterprises on innovative and technological solutions to meet and improve environmental resilience. With a welcome from Mr Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport, a special guest note and live in-person and virtual discussions from environmentally focussed companies based in Australia, Brazil, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Scotland, and the USA.

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Company agenda order is subject to change

13:30 Welcome: Alexander Holt, Programme Director of Global Scale-up Programme

13:35 Overview of the Global Scale-up Programme

13:40 Ministerial Keynote: Mr Michael Matheson, Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero, Energy and Transport (tbc)

13:50 Special Guest

14:00 Global Scale-up Environmental Resilience Company presentations from:

Laboratorium EE (Poland)

goodWARM is an innovative energy audit mobile application. It aims at providing end-users with information of how much they can benefit from conducting thermal modernisation. Their observation is that people are unable to undertake such initiatives, due to the high cost of professional auditors. Thanks to the advanced algorithm working behind their mobile application, the end user needs only to respond to a few simple questions and it results in highly accurate recommendations.

Brasil Mata Viva (Brazil)

Brasil Mata Viva is a methodology that was developed through a network of partner companies, whose mission is to generate and develop solutions Sustainability. This methodology is based on the PES (Payments for Environmental Services), which generates as a product Credit Forest. This credit is generated from the preservation of forest areas (including PPAs and Legal Reserve) in private farms or in public conservation areas. The Credit Forests is classified as an “intangible, incorporeal, tradable and transferable.”

Eco Panplas (Brazil)

Eco Panplas make it possible to recycle contaminated plastic packaging in an ecological way as our innovative production process does not use water, or generate waste, producing excellent quality recycled raw material. Our Process makes it possible to manufacture new oil packaging without using virgin material and with cost reduction, in addition to recovering all the residual oil in the packaging that is destined for re-refining, eliminating the environmental risk.

Um Grau e Meio (Brazil)

Over the past 2 years, forest fires around the world have been the largest in scale and CO2 emissions in the last 20 years. Uk Grau e Meio developed a Fire Management as a Platform Solution named Pantera®. Pantera Platform translates the pillars of firefighting into technologies to attend the three phases of firefighting composed of Prevention and Preparation, Early Detection, and Fast Response, and Operational and SGD Impact Indicators. We provide end-to-end SAAS and HAAS solutions to tackle wildfires in the early stages and avoid huge forest losses, high CO2 emissions, biodiversity loss, respiratory problems and economic impact.

15:00 Coffee Break

15:10 Global Scale-up Environmental Resilience Company presentations from:

Iceni Earth (Scotland)

Iceni Earth is an earth-tech start-up on a mission to empower land-based industry to restore nature. A digital platform that uses science-based assessments, machine learning and community benchmarking, packages through an intuitive user interface. Iceni Earth is a successful alum of Civtech 5.0. They secured a public sector contract to develop the platform, alongside Nature Scot and 100 farmers across Scotland.

FOROS (Lithuania)

Foros made green investments simple and accessible for everyone. The FOROS platform offers features that estimate the value of the forest, as well as the buying and selling of the forest land via digital forest auctions. It also offers a sustainable forest management service called Foros Grow that ensures that trees can grow healthier, bigger and taller through selective logging; this involves removing the weak trees to give more sunlight for others to grow. They are creating new platform features, such as a forest carbon impact calculator.

XDI Systems (South Australia)

The XDI Platform brings together asset-level data sets with extensive climate models to provide deep analysis of an organisation’s exposure to climate change and extreme weather risk. The online interactive platform provides powerful, on-demand, quantitative insights for decision-makers, financial managers and investors.

Eco Wave Power (Sweden/Israel)

Eco Wave Power (EWP) has developed an innovative and patented on-shore technology for the generation of clean electricity from the waves, with the potential to power coastal cities, ports, and islands. EWP decided to take a unique approach by installing its wave energy technology onshore and attaching it to existent marine structures, this approach has positioned EWP’s technology at the forefront of the wave energy field resulting in a cost-efficient, reliable, insurable, and environmentally friendly technology, and has positioned the company to currently operate the only wave power station connected to the grid in accordance with a power purchase agreement.

Block Chain Triangle (USA)

Blockchain Triangle’s formation and development demonstrate the power of collaboration between academia, government and business to solve critical problems. A financial technology platform developed for the investment community to harness the demand for issuance of digital assets within the Bermuda regulatory framework. This Platform is a marketplace for corporate service providers, issuers and investors to interact in a secure, fully compliant environment. Blockchain allows more transparency of information with more reliability, more provenance, in a market that is dominated by opaque information silos.

16:25 CivTech Alliance Panel Discussion

16:45 Global Scale-up Programme Evaluation by Mie Weile, DTU

17:00 Close

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