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How GovTech Programmes are transforming government?

Across the world, we have seen the development of in-house Innovation/GovTech teams, such as GovTech Lab Lithuania, CivTech Scotland, 10x GSA US Gov, IdeiaGov São Paolo, Go2Gov South Australia and the Applied Innovation Centre, Egypt. These teams have been essential in providing the necessary ‘scaffolding’ to support not only innovative companies navigate the vagaries of the public sector, but also help public sector organisations realise the full benefits of working with innovative technologies and methodologies.

Through global networks such as the CivTech Alliance, we see how these teams are driving the govtech agenda within their own countries – that puts them in a place of influence and reach.  Why? Because they are harnessing technologies to deliver better outcomes for citizens, and delivering economic development opportunities. A win-win for any Minister looking at their own portfolio of policy outcomes. 

So what is the impact of these programmes in progressing governmental transformation and innovations supporting that transformation? 

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