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Top technologies addressing climate change

The CivTech Alliance COP27 Global Scale-Up Programme helps scale-up companies accelerate product roll-out of net-zero and climate change solutions for public sector organisations across the world.

The CivTech Alliance Global Scale-Up Programme 2.0 is the second iteration of the award-winning internationally recognised programme that was first delivered for COP26. Our mission is to source, surface and scale climate tech solutions for global public sector applications. The rapid showcase event at COP27 reflects the high point in the programme. From carbon removal systems (Klimate) and green supply chain management (ReFlow), to natural capital asset management platforms (Informed Solutions); from landfill reduction capabilities (CiRCLR), to autonomous monitoring for railways (Viezo), our scale-up companies will demonstrate how their proven tech can help address the climate crisis. 

Event is funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

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