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Global Scale-Up Safari. Lithuania Kick-Off Session: Networking with Stakeholders

The CivTech Alliance COP27 Global Scale-Up Programme helps scale-up companies accelerate product roll-out of net-zero and climate change solutions for public sector organisations across the world.

We are in the second year of this hugely exciting and highly innovative programme which draws together leading GovTech and CivTech innovation programmes from around the world to deliver a global platform for fast-growth companies to access policymakers, procurers and investors across regional ecosystems. And from there, to present at events coinciding with COP27 in November.  

For scale-ups this is an unprecedented access programme: we have 12 innovation teams across 9 countries waiting to help you gain access to the in-country innovation ecosystems. Last year, during a seven-week ‘Scale-up Safari’ preceding COP26, we scheduled 69 engagement sessions with policymakers and procurers, investors and innovators across ten participating countries. Over 200 introductions were made from 102 organisations, including the NASA open innovation team, the Federal Emergency Management Agency of the US Government, top researchers in the field of sustainability, ministers of environment and international trade, and gatekeepers of the €500m German family office funds. 

For stakeholders across governments, NGOs, the climate change community, investors and sponsors this is a unique opportunity to engage and collaborate with scale-ups across North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia to deliver real impact on climate change.  

During the meeting with Lithuanian stakeholders, scale-ups will have a chance to learn more about scaling up and doing business in Lithuania. The purpose of this session is to give the  international companies participating in the programme an overview of the landscape in Lithuania and to facilitate introductions. After the welcoming from Chancellor at the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania, they will hear the presentations from VSight  and Unicorns Lithuania.  

After the presentations, scale-ups will meet will meet stakeholders in the break-out rooms. The purpose of sessions is to give international companies an overview of the policy areas and procurement opportunities in the area of their challenge. It is also an opportunity to help shape their products by guiding them as to areas of relevance that may not have been developed. And for public sectors contributors it is an opportunity to learn about different technologies that are being utilized in the specific challenge area. 


– Agila Barzdiene, Chancellor at the Office of the President of the Republic of Lithuania 

– Eimantas Norkunas, IT Advisor to the Minister of Environment 

– Cihat Kahraman, CEO and Co-Founder at VSight 

– Inga Langaitė, Head of Unicorns Lithuania 

Event is funded from the European Regional Development Fund.

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