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CivTech Alliance Global Scale-up Programme: Decarbonisation Innovation

Day one of the ground-breaking intergovernmental collaboration initiative, the COP26 Global Scale-up Programme explores global technologies that are tackling decarbonisation. With a welcome from Mr Ivan McKee, Minister for Business, Tourism, Trade and Enterprise of Scotland, special guest Gustavo Junqueira from InvestSP in Brazil and live in-person and virtual presentations from global fast-growth companies from the UK, Lithuania, Denmark, and Brazil.

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Company agenda order is subject to change

13:30 Welcome: Alexander Holt, Programme Director of Global Scale-up Programme

13:35 Overview of the Global Scale-up Programme

13:40 Ministerial Keynote: Mr Ivan McKee, Minister for Business, Trade, Tourism & Enterprise

13:50 Special Guest: Mr Gustavo Junqueira, President of InvestSP (Brazil)

14:00 Global Scale-up Decarbonisation Company presentations from:

Datahood (Lithuania)

Datahood is a location intelligence platform that helps businesses and municipalities to make risk-free decisions using big data. We provide territorial analysis SaaS tool to retail/ hospitality, real estate and municipal companies in Lithuania, enabling them to create more sustainable cities.

Datahood’s innovation is that we enhance open data with private and use ML algorithms to predict best locations for specific use-cases, providing a one-stop platform that visually and understandably for all represents the needs of communities in urban areas.

CHRG Network App (Lithuania)

CHRG Network is a software platform for EV charging that connects all charging stations into a single network, enabling owners to share and monetise their charging stations. We foster the adoption of EV infrastructure helping property owners (housing associations, office & other parking operators) to provide charging service. Our home market is Lithuania, but we look for access to Denmark, Poland, Estonia etc.The basic function of our software is to help collect payments for the charging service provided. Secondary, but a no less important function is the Dynamic Load Balancing module which helps efficiently distribute/balance electricity output so that with CHRG software help you can sell 2-3 times more electricity and serve up to 5-10 times more users with the same electricity output.

The Routing Company (UK)

The Routing Company is an on-demand vehicle routing & management platform helping cities and transport authorities optimise the use of their assets, reduce transportation asset under-utilisation and carbon reduction. The Routing Company (TRC) partners with cities and agencies to power public transit for their communities. The end to end solution is a platform that helps identify transportation wastage.

Mash Energy (Denmark)

Mash Energy relies on its strong ties with the Technical University of Denmark and its decades of topflight research into thermochemical processes. The two major sub technologies involved are gasification and pyrolysis, which both involve heating hydrocarbon-based matter to high temperature without the presence of oxygen. By doing this, the hydrocarbon-based molecules are cracked and turned into ever smaller molecules, which form a so-called synthetic gas (syngas) or pyrolysis gas (pyro gas). This gas can then be condensed in a gas engine for electricity production.

Scipopulis (Brazil)

Scipopulis has developed a platform that processes and analyses mobility data in real-time, together with other city data. It generates multiple mobility related KPIs (including estimates for greenhouse gas emissions) that help cities on the decarbonisation of public transportation. Together with their partner, the Institute for Energy and Environment in Brazil, they have developed a model that can estimate emissions generated by each bus according to real-world operational conditions.

15:15 Coffee Break

15:25 CivTech Alliance Panel Discussion

15:45 Global Scale-up Programme Evaluation by Mie Weile, DTU

16:00 Close

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Event is funded from the European regional development fund.

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