GovTech Challenges

What innovative educational tool could improve civic resilience and readiness for national defense?

Mobilizacijos ir pilietinio pasipriešinimo departamentas

The Department of Mobilization and Civil Resistance under the Ministry of National Defense of Lithuania is looking for a digital solution that would build citizens ’resilience and provide needed  knowledge that would improve citizens’ readiness for national defense.


  • Growing threats from the Eastern Neighborhood pose new challenges for civil society. Only 29% of citizens know what actions must be taken after announcing the mobilization in the state (2021 public opinion poll commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense).
  • A modern educational tool is being sought that would be able to develop civic resilience in an attractive form, provide specific knowledge and improve the readiness of citizens for national defense.


  • The developed solution should serve as a training platform for the general public, that in an attractive form succeeds to inform and educate the public.
  • The developed tool should reach the widest possible public so that as many citizens as possible know how to behave during the special legal regimes.

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