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How to use the available data for attracting more tourists to Lithuania?

Lithuania travel

National tourism development agency Lithuania Travel is looking for an innovative way to use the available data to attract more tourists and encourage traveling around Lithuania.


  • Digital preparation for travel has already become an integral part of tourism, 80% of Lithuanians and 60% of foreigners (KOG Institute survey, 2020) state that they mostly use a computer to search for information.
  • Lithuania Travel, as a national tourism promotion agency, collects the necessary data, that is neccesary for any tourist  However, the problem is that there is no right way to provide that content to the tourist, so that the tourists travel more often or for longer.
  • Many European countries have digital travel planning tools, including neighboring and regional countries such as Estonia and Finland. Therefore, without an innovative offer for foreign tourists, Lithuania’s competitive advantage is weakening.
  • Currently, Lithuania Travel is developing a digital product – a database of tourist objects.The database contains information about places of interest, services and entertainment, descriptions of these objects, photos, location, practical information about these objects (eg visiting season, access for the disabled, etc.). Lithuania Travel is the database developer and the data is provided and updated by Lithuanian tourism information centers.
  • 2021 website was visited by about 1 million. unique users. These are potential users of the solution.
  • Number of foreign tourists in Lithuania in 2019 amounted to almost 2 million. In 2020-2021. due to the pandemic, the number of tourists decreased, but it should return to pre-crisis levels in 2023-2025, with the number of tourists expected to grow by about 7% annually.


  • The solution should act as a travel planning tool that would present the data on tourist objects, that is collected by Lithuania Travel.
  • Travel planning tool UX / UI solutions will help tourists plan their trip quickly, easily and conveniently, encourage tourists to spend more time on the trip to see more attractions or take advantage of more services.
  • The aim is to improve the quality of tourism services (the travel tool could provide an opportunity for tourists to leave feedback, ratings).
  • To improve tourist satisfaction in Lithuania as a travel destination (after receiving a wide selection of places to visit and choosing the right ones).

Market consultation

Deadline for invitation to participate in the market consultation: 2022-06-15

A detailed description of the challenge and a notice of the market consultation can be found in the Central Procurement System (CVP IS): click here.

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