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How to monitor and evaluate the accessibility of public buildings for the disabled in an innovative way?

The Department social services is looking for a user-friendly digital tool that would allow building owners, service providers to self-assess whether a building and its access is accessible, and citizens should be able to report the accessibility of a building.


  • In the Republic of Lithuania, there is an insufficient and often contradictory legal regulation of the environment  adaptation to the disabled, therefore problems with the accessibility of the public and living environment for the disabled arise. Due to insufficient monitoring, some of the buildings that met the requirements for the assessment of the construction project, the execution of the construction project, the adaptation of the completed building, even after these assessment stages, are not always properly adapted to the needs of the disabled.
  • Most of them are adapted to social service centers (61%), the least to educational institutions (16%). Accessible public transport vehicles purchased from municipal transport companies or private carriers accounted for 35%.
  • 2012 Studies have estimated that at least 34,000 public buildings need to be adapted to the needs of people with disabilities, but no monitoring system has yet been set up to quickly and easily assess the real extent of adaptation to effectively plan interventions to make buildings accessible.


  • The institution is looking for an innovative, easy-to-use and high-reliability tool to collect, store, manage, analyze and publish data on the environment accessibility.
  • This tool must be adapted for the disabled and comply with the Government of the Republic of Lithuania 2018. by Resolution no. 1261 “On Amendment to the Resolution No. 480 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 18 April 2003” On Approval of the Description of General Requirements for Websites of State and Municipal Institutions and Bodies “, approved General Requirements for Websites and Mobile Applications of State and Municipal Institutions and Bodies.
  • Civil society monitoring and notification mechanisms must be linked to the information provided by building managers (or owners), properly displayed on dashboards and have the opportunity to provide alternative monitoring findings.

Market consultation

Deadline for invitation to participate in the market consultation: June 3rd

A detailed description of the challenge and a notice of the market consultation can be found in the Central Procurement System (CVP IS): click here

A note: all documents and descriptions are in Lithuanian.

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