GovTech Challenges

How to measure the quality of digital government in an innovative way?

Information Society Development Committee is looking for an innovative solution to assess the efficiency, accessibility and usability of provided e-public and administrative services.


  • Statistical information on e-services is compiled in separate databases (in different forms).
  • No automated methods are used for e.service data collection, compilation, analysis and visual presentation of statistical information, there is no system for measuring provided e. service quality and efficiency.
  • While creating a new e. service, project managers often limit themselves to their goals and needs without delving deeper into the specific e. service context.


In order to improve the quality of e-services, the Committee is searching for a digital analytical model (methodology) and tools to automate e. monitoring. The model should include:

  • Good practice of foreign countries that analyse the quality of e. services.
  • A way to automate the processes of data collection, storage, transmission, analysis, and display.
  • E-service usability analysis model, indicators (quantitative and qualitative), service life cycle.
  • Visual display of e.service statistical information to users, e. service reports.

Solution evaluation criteria

  • Innovativeness and relevance of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Commercial potential and competitiveness of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Competences and motivation of the authors of the solution (20% of the total score)


If you have questions about the process, participation, deadlines or anything related to the GovTech Challenge Series, contact us by e.mail –

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