GovTech Challenges

How to measure person’s energy savings and CO2 footprint in an innovative way?

The Lithuanian Energy Agency is looking for an IT solution that would allow measuring the CO2 footprint of each person, as well as energy savings in transport, housing and other areas, while ensuring the reliability, objectivity and traceability of such information.


  • Lithuania is committed to reducing energy consumption. Most energy saving initiatives, funding and attention are currently given to industry, building renovation, and the transport sector. However, to achieve a climate-neutral economy by 2050. will not succeed unless energy saving initiatives become popular in society.
  • According to research published by scientists, the involvement and energy literacy of final energy consumers is low. A solution is needed that would motivate the population to save energy, increase their energy literacy and allow them to objectively measure the energy saved.


The solution should use the information of people’s smart devices, future smart electricity meters, other devices and estimate the energy savings during ongoing or non-ongoing activities. The solution could / should show the CO2 footprint left by a person in everyday life and clearly demonstrate how one or another activity reduces or increases it. The CO2 footprint measurement solution should be integrated with energy saving information, as most energy is still derived from fossil fuels.

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