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How to create a predictive police model for police force management?

Police Department of Lithuania seeks to maximize the use of available data and is looking for a technological solution that would automate the management of the police forces.


  • Every day, an average of 620 police force units operate in Lithuania.
  • The establishment of force work schedules, the formation of tasks and the planning of patrol routes are entrusted to the responsible officers in different units. In order to plan the work of the forces properly, it is necessary to evaluate a lot of different data – without the use of automated tools it is complicated, so the planning is done subjectively.
  • It is often observed that the working hours of most forces do not coincide with the peak times of events. In addition, the deployment of forces is often not linked to the likelihood of events in a particular area, which means that too much time is wasted going to the scene, crime is not prevented and offenders are not apprehended.


The solution should be able to:

  • Provide a forecast of events and propose how to deploy forces in terms of time and territory.
  • Automatically generate routes (tasks) for the forces, taking into account both the previously received data and the changing situation on the route.
  • Select a forecast period for the user to create force management plans (e.g. forecast of required forces for the next day, week, month).
  • Use a variety of data sets administered by both the police and other authorities (e.g. police registered events register, administrative offense register, etc.).
  • For more information on solution requirements, see the detailed description of the challenge.

Solution evaluation criteria

  • Innovativeness and relevance of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Commercial potential and competitiveness of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Competences and motivation of the authors of the solution (20% of the total score)


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