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How to automate the tax complaint submission?

Tax Disputes Commission seeks to ensure that Lithuanian taxpayers have a simple way to lodge a complaint.


  • Currently, if taxpayers do not agree with the decision of tax administrator (State Tax Inspectorate and Customs Department), they are forced to turn to lawyers or the Commission due to the lack of relevant qualifications and a complexity of the process.
  • Tax law professionals are among the most expensive law services, so taxpayers do not dare and do not have the tools to smooth the dispute process in order to challenge relatively small amounts, even though those amounts are significant to the taxpayer.
  • Such a situation aggravates the situation of taxpayers and is not financially justified.


The solution should:

  • Be easy to use.
  • Identify the taxpayer.
  • Be linked to tax administrations’ systems.
  • Generate individual questions for the taxpayer according to the nature of the tax administrator’s decision.
  • Allow the taxpayer to file a complaint and track its status.

Solution evaluation criteria

  • Innovativeness and relevance of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Commercial potential and competitiveness of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Competences and motivation of the authors of the solution (20% of the total score)


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