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How to archive data from state information systems?

Office Of The Chief Archivist of Lithuania is looking for a way to gather the data of registers and state information systems to the state archives for the purposes of historical and other research, so that this information is preserved and accessible to future generations.


  • Public sector bodies manage more and more historically valuable documentary information not by compiling paper or electronic documents, but by keeping this information in the form of records in information systems.
  • As institutions change their business processes, some of the historically valuable documentary information is not transferred to archives for preservation, and archives do not have the means to intercept, store and disseminate information stored in this way.
  • In the absence of a solution, the state archives do not preserve part of the documentary heritage – valuable data of historical significance, which affects both the state archives and the institutions protecting the data, as well as the public and potential historical and other researchers.


The solution sought should ensure:

  • Export and packaging of selected records of information systems into information transfer packages, and their transfer to archives.
  • Acceptance of information transfer packages, their transformation and preparation for long-term information storage.
  • Formation and display of stored information to citizens, researchers, etc.

Solution evaluation criteria

  • Innovativeness and relevance of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Commercial potential and competitiveness of the solution (40% of the total score)
  • Competences and motivation of the authors of the solution (20% of the total score)


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