GovTech Challenges

Dynamic real-time traffic management system

Birštonas municipality administration is looking for a solution that would solve the problem of a real-time traffic flow management in a small area.


  • With the increase in tourist flows every year, Birštonas resort is facing problems with car traffic flows and parking spaces. This challenge became especially evident during the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine, when Lithuanian residents could only travel in the territory of Lithuania.
  • Birštonas, like other resorts, has encountered one-day tourists traveling around areas that are not adapted to such abundant instantaneous tourist car flows. As a result, not only has pollution increased significantly, but the traffic system has also been unbalanced.
  • The project aims to create a dynamic, adaptive car traffic management and parking system that would allow the efficient distribution and management of traffic flows at specific times and reduce vehicle pollution in urban areas.


The solution should be a dynamic real-time traffic management system that would solve the problem of instantaneous traffic management in a small area.

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