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Development of a pilot platform for monitoring, analysis and evaluation of the performance of educational institutions in Vilnius

The Vilnius Centre for Educational Progress (EDU Vilnius) (partner Vilnius Plan UAB) is looking for a solution for the modern monitoring of pre-school and general education in Vilnius city, including an analysis of the experience of pupils’, parents’, teachers’ and leaders’ participation in the system.


  • Education monitoring is one of the most important tools for ensuring the quality of education and shaping education policy. Its purpose is to collect data on the functioning of the education system, to analyse the data, to analyse in detail the current situation and state of education, to identify changes, and to find measures and ways to improve education.
  • The municipality has an important role to play in ensuring the quality of education and equal opportunities. Municipal education authorities are required to monitor education at municipal level according to national and municipal education monitoring indicators.
  • However, most monitoring processes are most successful at national level. Experience shows that it is quite difficult to carry out effective education monitoring at municipal level. For example, while for many years municipalities have been strongly encouraged to prepare annual education progress reports, only four municipalities in the country have been able to prepare such reports in 2020.
  • Two reasons could account for the declining number of municipalities producing annual education progress reports: the national level does not sufficiently support municipalities in monitoring education; and traditional education monitoring would require municipalities to devote relatively very large resources to it, which it does not have.


  • There is a need to develop a computerised platform for modern monitoring of pre-primary and general education in Vilnius City, including analysis of the experiences of pupils, parents, teachers and managers in the system. The platform would use ideas from modern management information, marketing and learning analytics systems.
  • The new monitoring platform would help to increase the involvement of pupils, parents, teachers, school administrators and the public in education management processes. Data would be collected and processed more quickly. If necessary, it would be easier to add new indicators to the list of monitoring indicators that are relevant to Vilnius City Municipality.

Prizes for participants

Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners:

  • 1st prize – 5 000 EUR
  • 2nd prize – 3 000 EUR
  • 3rd prize – 2 000 EUR

Additional information

The deadline for receipt of projects or applications for participation is 15 September 2021, 10:00.

For a detailed description of the challenge and the call for projects, please visit the Central Public Procurement System (CVP IS).

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