GovTech Challenge Solver

EY solution to measure the quality of digital government in an innovative way

EY team consists of professionals with 20+ years of experience in e-government projects. Besides the e-government development projects in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, EY is working to bring the ecosystem of the Eastern Partnership countries closer to the European Union, supporting the Middle East countries e-services improvement projects and to provide expert insights on e-government development in Western countries, Australia, etc. As a team, EY has a professional curiosity to participate in projects that contribute to e-government development in Lithuania, and as citizens – to understand importance of a user-centered e-government development.


About 600 e-services solutions are available in e-government gateway portal. Their life cycles are different, which makes it difficult to automatically collect data and evaluate it. Our goal is to identify key e-services components and use them to develop automated guidelines about data collection at different life cycle stages. These guidelines aim to contribute to e-services evaluation, improvement, and further development of these services.

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