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GovTech Lab Recognised as a Strategic Part of New Lithuania’s Branding Strategy

For a long time, Lithuania’s branding has been very fragmented and with many attempts to formulate a more coherent strategic vision, albeit unsuccessfully. To correct these wrongs, the most ambitious (and promising!) attempt so far is out for the jury of the citizens of the world. The giants of Lithuania’s branding industry have joined forces with the Government of Lithuania and in the beginning of September, a new Lithuania’s branding strategy for 2020-2030 was introduced to the public – Lithuania Co-Create. Our team at GovTech Lab is very excited to be recognised as a strategically important part of the strategy.

The Lithuania Co-Create strategy was created to present Lithuania as based on the openness to co-creation in several areas: economy, culture, talents and governance. The latter is the one where GovTech becomes a crucial part of the strategy implementation – Lithuania is an open platform for public sector transformation, displays openness to innovation, creates smart solutions and is ready to cooperate internationally.


The strategy highlights the advantages of what Lithuanian government can offer by providing an environment in which innovation can thrive: favourable regulatory sandbox instruments, open data initiatives and national GovTech Lab that act as a fast track to public sector innovation by connecting social & public sector challenges with the newest technologies.


What does this mean for GovTech Lab?

Firstly, this means that GovTech is finally recognised as a strategically important market in Lithuania. Keeping in mind that this market is now valued at $400bn worldwide, GovTech undoubtedly has the potential to grow locally, by accelerating the creation of new startups as well as invite international businesses to relocate or open their offices here in Lithuania.


Secondly (this is the fun part), GovTech Lab brand will be sub-branded and adapted to Lithuania Co-Create brand! This means a unified visual identity, clear and uniform communication message to the stakeholders and creates an image of a country that is consistent in their strategic segments of the government.


Finally, it is an opportunity to put Lithuania on the GovTech innovation map worldwide. GovTech Lab is already a proud co-founder and member of CivTech Alliance – a worldwide network of public, private and third sector organisations working across civic and gov tech to support and nurture an ecosystem developing products and services which make citizens’ lives better. Nevertheless, there is still a long way to go in promoting Lithuania as an attractive destination for GovTech startup growth.


It seems that the upcoming 10 years in Lithuania will be exciting for GovTech. And who knows, maybe you will be the next GovTech startup founder, or, if we allow ourselves to dream, even a unicorn!

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