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GovTech Leaders 2023

Save the date! GovTech Leaders are back on the 9th of May, 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

GovTech leaders, followers, challengers and observers – every public sector innovation enthusiast will find their place at the GovTech Leaders 2023!

Don’t miss out on the biggest GovTech fiesta in the region – mark the 9th of May, 2023 in your calendars – and join us in Vilnius!

This year’s conference is all about R E I M A G I N E ! Take a look at the programme of the conference:





✔️ Eglė Markevičiūtė | Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania


09:10 Opening Fireside chat: Future of the [Digital] Government

✔️ Audrey Tang | Minister of Digital Affairs of Taiwan

✔️ Moderator: Matas Maldeikis | Member of the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

09:40 Panel Discussion: Reflecting on GovTech: What will be the GovTech’s Role in the Future?

✔️ Erika Kuročkina | Vice-Minister of the Economy and Innovation of the Republic of Lithuania

✔️ Kimberly Johns | GovTech Global Lead and Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank Group

✔️ Felipe Gonzales – Zapata | Policy analyst, Digital Government & Data Unit at OECD

✔️ Discussion moderator: Arūnė Matelytė | GovTech & Digital Government at OECD, Co-founder of GovTech Lab Lithuania

🟪 10:25 Fireside chat: Future Plans for GovTech in Lithuania



10:55 Keynote speech: Gamification of Government Services: Engaging Citizens Through Play

✔️ Jess Taylor | Associate at PUBLIC

11:10 Keynote speech: Co-creating Government Services: A Citizen Centric Approach

✔️ Ave Habakuk | Project Manager at the Public Sector Innovation Team of Estonia

11:25 Demos

Future Vision ‘Lithuania 2050’

✔️ Modesta Kairytė | Advisor on Social Impact for ‘Lietuva 2050’ Strategy at the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

The New Vote Initiative

✔️ Rudy van Belkom | Executive Director of the Netherlands Study Centre for Technology Trends

11:40 Panel discussion: Beyond Simply Asking: What Are Unique Ways to Involve Citizens in Building Better Public Services?

✔️ Ave Habakuk | Project Manager at Public Sector Innovation Team of Estonia

✔️ Ieva Kimontaitė | Advisor at the Office of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania

✔️ Catherine Nikolovski | Executive Director at Civic Software Foundation

✔️ Discussion moderator: Ieva Dunčikaitė | Project Leader at Transparency International Lithuania



13:15 Keynote speech: How to Manage the Country in Times of Crisis?

✔️ Valeriya Ionan | Deputy Minister for Eurointegration at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine

13:30 Keynote speech: Innovating the Public Sector: The Role of Startups

✔️ Sofia Silva | GovTech Innovation Programs Associate at PUBLIC

13:45 Demos

Teachers Lead Tech – Large-scale Educational Project

✔️ Viltautė Žvirzdinaitė | Teachers Lead Tech Programme Country Lead in Lithuania

Dashboard Glow-Up with Contextual Design Strategies 

✔️ Eva Duran Sánchez | International Partnerships Director at Civic Software Foundation

14:00 Panel discussion: In Search of Innovation: What Are The Ways for Public Sector to Reach/Engage with Startups?

✔️ Aron Hausler | Innovation Precincts Manager at the Office of the South Australian Chief Entrepreneur

✔️ Guilherme Dominguez | Co-founder and CEO of BrazilLAB

✔️ Ieva Žilionienė | Consulting Business Lead at NRD companies and GovTech Policy Lead at Infobalt

✔️ Discussion moderator: Dr. Eszter Czibor | Head of Research at StateUp



15:05 Keynote speech: The Future of Government Workforce: Upskilling and Reskilling for the 21st Century

✔️ Jonnie Haddon | GM Government Innovation at Creative HQ, New Zealand

15:20 Panel discussion: Future Public Servant. Skills vs Mindset?

✔️ Monika Merkytė | Head of Create Lithuania Programme

✔️ Alexander Holt | Head of Emerging Opportunities and Partnerships at the Digital Directorate of the Scottish Government

✔️ Dr. Irena Žukauskaitė | Selection Specialist at the Public Management Agency, Associate Professor at Vilnius University

✔️ Discussion moderator: Elijus Čivilis | General Manager of Invest Lithuania


10:55 🟣 WORKSHOP: GovTech Lab: Mix & Fix. Tech your Way to Better Governance

✔️Liucija Sabulytė | Innovation Expert at GovTech Lab Lithuania

✔️ Viktoras Urbis | Innovation Expert at GovTech Lab Lithuania

✔️ Dovilė Gaižauskienė | Innovation Expert at GovTech Lab Lithuania

13:15 🟣 WORKSHOP: Civic Tech in Lithuania: How to unlock its potential?

✔️ Ingrida Kalinauskienė | „Transparency International“ Lietuvos skyrius

✔️ Ieva Dunčikaitė | „Transparency International“ Lietuvos skyrius

✔️ Dalius Kazlauskas | Open Vilnius

✔️ Ieva Žilionienė | Skaitmeninis knygnešys

15:05 🟣 WORKSHOP: Ethical AI In Practice: Seeing Through the AI Hype for Positive Societal Impact

✔️ Gülşen Güler | Research Director at Software Foundation

🟪 16:05 Conference closing

Event is funded from the European regional development fund.

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