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GovTech Week_

GovTech Week_ online conference is five days of exploration of the widths and depths of the GovTech topic. From the latest trends in public sector innovation, to startups working with government to solve global challenges and technological innovation geared towards green and equitable future – “GovTech Week_” will gather global policy and technology experts, startup founders and investors to discuss the most pressing GovTech questions.



September 7th | Delivering the European Green Deal

Day one will discuss the role of startups in delivering the European Green Deal. Can startups have an instrumental role in solving the climate crisis? How do you go about building the climate startup? These and other questions will be explored throughout the day.


September 8th | Rethinking Public Services

Day two will bring you an alternative way to think about the public services in the 21st century. We will explore the ideas of government-as-a-startup, learnings from innovation in fintech community to rethink our tax system and discuss how the public sector could be brought to a whole new level by engaging in proactive public services.


September 9th | Exploring Tech in Policy-Making

Day three will cover the exhilarating developments in the use of technology and data to solve our biggest policy challenges. Experts will discuss how data can help us understand our cities or how neurotechnology could figure out the intricacies of the most pressing societal challenges. Finally, how can governments balance the use of big data for evidence-based policy making but avoid engaging in surveillance state activities and undermining human rights?


September 10th | Embracing Digital Democracy

On the fourth day, we will delve into the effects of technology on our core principles of democracy. The discussions throughout the day will explore the effects of technology in civic participation and citizens’ engagement in policy making. Can digital technology help us finally create effective tools for meaningful and widespread interaction between policy-makers and the citizens? Or has it simply created an appearance of more democratic participation giving a free pass to politicians?


September 11th | International GovTech Day

International GovTech Day will bring together global GovTech community to discuss the progress of GovTech over the last years, both from startup and public sector perspective. The Covid-19 crisis showed that “business as usual” does not work in emergencies – you need out of the box solutions to tackle novel situations. The event will explore how startups delivered these kinds of solutions in a fast and reliable manner. In three different showrooms, startups and innovative companies will pitch their world class solutions that helped businesses get back on track during and after the crisis, assisted community in the time of crisis and ensured physical safety in the time of social distancing.


Join us in this five-day GovTech adventure!

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