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#CloseUp: RRT x Novian Systems

Today we have two more #GovTech enthusiasts who took part in GovTech Challenge Series 2.0 – Vaidotas Ramonas, Director of Digital Services Department at the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT) and Paulius Vaitkevičius, Business Development Director at Novian Systems (previously Algoritmų sistemos). Together their teams have co-created a solution that aims to innovatively supervise trust service providers. How will that work, you may ask? Let’s read more and find out!

Tell us more about your submitted challenge for GovTech Challenge Series 2.0 and why is it important to solve it?

Vaidotas: The aim of our challenge „How to supervise trust service providers in an innovative way“ is to ensure in the most efficient way that people always would receive reliable and secure trust services (e.g. will not face any issues while creating or validating electronic signatures).

As the Communication Regulatory Authority, we supervise trust service providers, established in Lithuania, to ensure that they and services they provide always meet the requirements of reliability and security. For the moment we do that using no automated tools and with this challenge we look for innovative tools that would allow us to partly automate supervisory processes and at the very early stage alert us in case there are any problems, in such way minimising possible impact to the users. That would include monitoring the availability of trust services, monitoring changes of information and documents published on service providers’ websites, and monitoring information on identified / known vulnerabilities related to the technological solutions used by service providers. Why is it important to look for innovative solutions that could be applied for the public sector use?

Vaidotas: I would say that the main reason would be to perform their tasks in the most efficient way and take all benefits that technologies, like AI, could bring. Initiatives, like GovTech Challenge Series, are especially useful when you have an issue/challenge and no idea how to solve it.

Do you have any tips for other institutions who want to work with startups and apply innovations?

Vaidotas: Probably the key advice would be – Just do it! Provide your challenge to GovTech Challenge Series and you will see how many innovative solutions might be for your “unsolvable” problem!

And finally, the worst thing that might happen even if you will try but will not find the perfect solution – you will meet interesting people and learn many useful things.


Tell us more about your submitted solution for GovTech Challenge Series 2.0 and how could it solve a social or public sector problem?


Paulius: We have suggested an automated solution, based on robotic process automation (RPA), to supervise trust service providers, established in Lithuania. These robots should free employees of Communications Regulatory Authority from exhausting manual tasks of incident investigation and audits. The benefit of using robots is two-fold: the employees can engage in more value-added tasks, while robots proactively perform the monitoring of availability and vulnerabilities of the trust services, doing it 24/7. The expected result of such changes would be an increased effectiveness of Communications Regulatory Authority and more happy end-users receiving reliable and secure services.

Why is it important to create innovative solutions that could be applied in the public sector?


Paulius: Speaking about the public sector in general, one of its important ideas should be effectiveness, as it operates with public funds, which are limited as well as general good created using these funds.

If the public sector would use more innovative solutions, which would help them work more efficiently and save costs, more public funds could be used for the benefit of all society. One more important aspect is that innovative solutions in the field of technologies often is a synonym of quality, and that is also what society deserves.


Do you have any tips for other creators who want to work with the public sector?


Paulius: Just do it! 🙂

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