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#CloseUp interview with Peekdata

Our interviewees today – Peekdata, one of the two winners of the pilot GovTech Challenge Series pitch day. How can their solution help other companies and public sector institutions? What are their tips for other teams that want to work in the public sector?

Q: How can your solution help other companies and public sector institutions?

Peekdata helps development teams to significantly reduce costs and increase the speed of building data applications like Predefined reports, Dashboards, Report Designer or exposing data to the 3d parties, where DataAPI is the key component for the solution. We also increase the transparency of data usage and streamline communication between teams by standardizing access to the data making possible having a simple and single interface to access all data within the company even if several database technologies are used.


Q: Interesting fact(s) about Peekdata?

Each company providing Dashboards or Reports to their customers were trying to create a similar component at least once. UI/Javascript developer can create a complex query to the data source in 5 minutes. Flexible Data API for the partners and customers can be created within 1 week.


Q: Why did you decide to participate in GovTech Challenge Series?

We saw a great opportunity to offer an elegant solution for financial services providers to exchange data with the Bank of Lithuania. By using Peekdata Data API, payment institutions will be able to respond and adapt to new requirements of  Bank of Lithuania related to data quicker. On the other hand, the idea of collecting microdata for more deep analysis will give a chance to Bank of Lithuania of getting answers faster and discovering new patterns of behaviour of parties involved. It’s a revolutionary approach in the Government sector and we want to be part of it. 


Q: Do you have any tips for other teams that want to work with the public sector?

Don’t be afraid of participating in competitions and pitches – working with the public sector allows to build new solutions which are useful for the whole eco-system.

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