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How to supervise trust service providers in an innovative way?

RRT wants to ensure that users always receive reliable and secure services by automating certain supervisory auditing processes of trust service providers.


  • RRT supervises trust service providers established in Lithuania. There are 4 trust service providers established in Lithuania and around 200 in the European Union. The purpose of RRT supervision is to ensure that service providers and services always meet the requirements of reliability and security;
  • There are 9 types of services, the most popular of them is e. signature. These services are used to create / execute digital processes, they are subject to very high quality and security requirements;
  • Currently, the activities of trust service providers are monitored without the use of any automated tools (only through document checks / audits performed by RRT employees or upon client report about possible vulnerabilities and discrepancies);
  • There may be a situation where changes or emerging vulnerabilities, that affect the security and reliability of trust services, will not be promptly recorded, which will affect the users of the services.


The solution should:

  • Monitor the availability of trust services;
  • Monitor the availability / changes of information and documents published on service providers’ websites;
  • Monitor information on identified / known vulnerabilities in the technological solutions used by service providers.

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