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How to match green consumers and green products?

Ministry of Environment strives to provide consumers with reliable, relevant and easily accessible information about green products.


  • Informing the public about environmental protection does not automatically create an incentive to make a practical contribution to environmental sustainability;​
  • Buying „green“ is a challenge due to the lack of reliable, relevant and easily accessible information;
  • Less than a third of Lithuanians feel empowered to contribute to environmental protection through their actions;​
  • Only half of Lithuanians feel sufficiently informed about environmental issues.


The solution should:

  • include information on the environmental damage of specific products;​
  • offer alternatives to environmentally harmful products;​
  • involve businesses;​
  • involve NGOs;​
  • be user-friendly.


The success of a solution could be measured by the amount of green products and services sold through the solution (affiliate marketing).

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