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How to map all electricity and gas infrastructure protection zones?

Ignitis group is looking for an innovative solution on how to map electricity and gas infrastructure.


  • Due to the new Law of Special Land Use Conditions of the Republic of Lithuania Ignitis group will be under the obligation to register all the protection zones of the existing engineering infrastructure in the Real Estate Register. The ESO network alone accounts for more than 130,000 km, covering over 1 million plots. To complete this task using traditional methods (hiring surveyors) would require an enormous amount of resources and would not be possible to complete within the statutory deadline.
  • Ignitis group has already started the analysis phase and invites all to look for the most effective solution.


The solution should suggest how to solve these tasks (or one of them):

  • DATA QUALITY. Automatically check the already existing information (which ESO assets are already registered at the Centre of Registers);
  • SYSTEMS INTEGRATION. Currently all the data is located in different IT systems. These systems have to be linked properly and be able to exchange information effectively.
  • PROCESS. Inform landowners about registered protection zones in the Centre of Registers.

Project involves different stakeholders- ESO, Centre of Registers, National Land Service, land surveyors, contractors, Ministries, etc. The process has to ensure high quality and be cost-effective.

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