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How to detect unsafe products on the web?

State Consumer Rights Protection Authority​ seeks innovative tools that would allow easier detection of unsafe or dangerous products and their sellers on the internet.​


  • Currently, unsafe and dangerous product detection is done manually, by searching for keywords, photos, etc.; ​
  • However, this method is not effective enough and is used very rarely due to the human resources required.
  • The Authority is facing a problem to:​
    • identify unsafe and dangerous products sold online;
    • find the sellers of unsafe products;​
    • assess the risk that the products cause or undertake safety tests when these products are not unavailable for physical tests.


The solution should:

  • The search functionality should be as vast in its formats as possible: unique naming, barcode, photos, etc.;​
  • Continuous search of suspected products and sellers;
  • High precision in the detection mechanism so that minimal human intervention would be needed.

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