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How to create a school public health monitoring tool?

Vilnius City Municipality Public Health Bureau​ aims to find out the unique health needs of children and students in each educational institution, according to which we would perform public health care services more efficiently and organize the work of specialists more effectively.


  • Public healthcare provision covers a wide range of areas: health education activities, personal and environmental hygiene, catering supervision, first aid, etc.;​
  • The situation of each educational institution is  unique and depends on the specialists, their tools and activities. Therefore a quick aggregated overview or analysis of schools is impossible neither at the educational institution level nor on the municipal level.
  • Now monitoring of public health implementation is done using statistical databases, surveys, journals, Excel, activity reports, etc.​
  • This results in generalized, unified and recurring health education activities in all educational institutions. They are not always focused on children-specific health problems.


  • An innovative and easy-to-manage database used by educational institutions, stakeholders, public health professionals and their employer;​
  • Health profile – a structured and defined picture of the provision of public health care services in kindergarten / school;​
  • Relevant and timely summarized municipal level information, available in different perspectives

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