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How to create a real time satellite image of Lithuania?

The Department of Statistics seek to have a full and almost real-time satellite image of Lithuania without obstacles such as clouds, to ensure updated, extensive and granular statistics.


  • Currently, the Department of Statistics, when preparing agricultural statistical indicators, is using data collected from questionnaires and registries;
  • Present data collection methods (through questionnaires and registry inquiries) guarantee quality but lack speed, efficiency and granularity:​
    • the indicator is not up to date and its frequency is low;​
    • information is not extensive, since not everyone registers their crop lands;​
    • granularity is low – when studying crops there is no precise locations associated with data points, which decreases the value of statistics.
  • There is a possibility to use free satellite data to prepare the satellite map of Lithuania, however, quality is deteriorated by clouds.


The solution should:

  • Using satellite data (i.e.​Sentinel2), assemble separate images into a full, coherent map of Lithuania;
  • Automatically recognize clouds and replace the obstructed places with other recent images;​
  • Keep the map up to date with the latest satellite images.

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