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How to automatically log plane movements in the airport?

Lithuanian Airports seek to automate tracking of plane movements and procedures using visual material from available cameras at the airport.​


  • Currently, data on plane movements at the airport is collected manually and stored in spreadsheets or other systems; ​
  • The data is then „cleaned“ and is sent manually or through radio waves to responsible institutions;
  • Collecting information manually can lead to human error, human resources are wasted and data collected is limited in its quality and extensiveness;​/p>
  • Without the necessary information, decision-making takes longer, planes are forced to stay idle. In other words, the fact that operations in the airport are organized with a static schedule and not an ad-hoc dynamic system is detrimental to the effectiveness of the airport;
  • Moreover, there is no automated control of illegal movements in the airport (especially in the vulnerable takeoff area).


The identification of:

  • The plane number;
  • Status recognition when the plane touches the ground and ends landing;
  • Data collection on the duration of movement on the ground, the end of movement, parking, engine turn-off and turn-on, boarding, refuelling, filling the baggage, charging, standby, takeoff and other information;
  • All in an automated manner, using video cameras.

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