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How to automate illegal content detection on the internet?

RRT strives to protect internet users, especially children, by automating the identification of prohibited content placed on Lithuanian websites and servers.


  • The RRT hotline ( receives and investigates reports on prohibited content found on the Internet (child sexual abuse material (CSAM), pornography, etc.).The purpose of the hotline is to remove prohibited content as quickly as possible.
  • In 2019, 998 notifications were received using the internet hotline in Lithuania (302 of the notifications were confirmed as related to CSAM and pornography). Overall, CSAM discovery online is increasing. In 2018, 223 999 such images were registered by the INHOPE organisation.
  • At the moment, only messages received via the internet hotline are investigated and no proactive search for prohibited content is carried out.


The solution should:

  • Operate in the Lithuanian IP address range;
  • Be able to identify websites operating in Lithuania;
  • Be able to recognize prohibited visual material;
  • Send a link (URL) of the detected prohibited visual material to the RRT hotline.

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