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4 Reasons Why Startups & Governments Should Work Together

While there are many advantages for governments to work with startups, we know the startups can benefit from this partnership, too. Fortunately, there is already a simple way for startups to establish this partnership and have the public sector and the government to be their next client. Today we are here to present you the reasons why startups and governments should work together and do it by taking part in the GovTech Co-create Accelerator.

Work on real challenges and test your solution with a real customer

More and more startups and innovative companies focus on the sustainable development of their businesses. The GovTech Co-create Accelerator presents the opportunity for startups to work on real challenges that the society or public sector faces. As a result, startups can make a real impact, an actual change in the world. Sounds like a cliche, but it is true! Even if “the world” in this case is a small portion of it  – the Lithuanian Government. Moreover, you will have a customer that allows to experiment with their data and easily test your solution. The successful use case will open doors to many other institutions and let you scale globally!

Expert help to build your solution from idea to pilot

During the GovTech Co-create Accelerator, you will receive expert help to build your solution from idea to pilot, and finally – global product. Our help does not end with the 10 weeks of the accelerator – GovTech Lab team is always at your service even after the programme ends.

Unlock the intricacies of the GovTech market

Exploring the opportunities of new markets could be scary, but fear not! Our public sector experts and data partners will ensure that you can successfully unlock the intricacies of the GovTech market – from finding data to understanding public officials and procurement.

Scale your solution & your impact

Become part of GovTech community and scale not only your solution but also your impact! Local meetups, international conferences and our global networks – all of them will be open for you. We have an international network of partners all over the world and we will be happy to help you connect!


If you have an idea on how to solve 10 GovTech challenges, submit it until April 8. Should you have any more questions about the GovTech Co-create Accelerator, check out our infopack about the programme or drop us a message our team will be happy to help!

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