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What do we do?

Matching challenges & ideas

We help public sector identify challenges and find ideas or solutions to solve them. To achieve this, we have developed GovTech Challenge Series, a structured programme to build GovTech solutions solving the most pressing challenges.

Accelerating GovTech teams

We help startups and SMEs, working on GovTech solutions to validate their ideas, create MVPs, build and expand their businesses. We usually do it through the Co-Create Accelerator during the GovTech Challenge Series process.


Strong GovTech community is a backbone of thriving ecosystem! We organize community events for both public and private sectors from local meetups to international conferences. We also co-founded international network of similar organisations that connects the global GovTech community.

What’s in it for you?

Public sector institutions can participate in the GovTech Challenge Series by submitting their challenge, that could be solved by an innovative technological solution. You don’t need to know what kind of solution this requires – the proposals will be developed by entrepreneurs who are the experts of the tech side. By working with GovTech Lab you get to be an early adopter of innovative solution and get the best and the brightest ideas from the experts in the field.

Startups, SMEs and other entrepreneurs are at the core of GovTech ecosystem as they are the key creators of the GovTech solutions. The GovTech Lab will work with businesses and help them participate in the GovTech Challenge Series, help look for potential investors, accelerators and public sector clients. Do you have an idea for a public sector challenge that has not yet been published? Reach out and we will aim to connect you with the relevant institutions.

Who wins the most out of the flourishing GovTech ecosystem? The society as a whole. Using innovative solutions to solve public sector challenges makes all of our lives easier by ensuring a seamless experience with public services, saving both time and taxpayers money. If we can use technology to help solve our societal challenges, why not do it? If you, as an individual, have an idea on how to solve one of the proposed challenges, please submit your proposal as the competition is open to everyone.

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