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Altic solution to detect illegal employment using online sources

Altic is a team of specialists whose competencies and experience allow to generate ideas and innovative proposals, thus solving complex problems and reaping tangible benefits. Responsibility, trust, openness and initiative for change are the values that accompany the team on a daily basis, in communication with each other and with partners.


Altic is developing a solution based on modern cloud technologies (Microsoft Azure) that is able to analyse publicly available information on the internet, systematise it and present the results to the employees of the State Labor Inspectorate:

  • Select publicly available information in the internet according to the identification feature of the economic entity (company code, company name, name and surname, phone number, etc.);
  • Systematise the selected information according to the established criteria – addresses of the economic entity, phone numbers, selected complaints and feedback;
  • Select risky economic entities from the internet according to the established criteria (sector of economic activity, ongoing activities, etc.);
  • Identify the interfaces of economic entities and display them according to keywords (phone numbers, general managers of the economic entity, employees, etc.).

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