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Vilnius is hosting the GovTech Baltic Leaders Conference on June 16th

GovTech has been soaring in the startup scene recently with lots of interesting new innovations coming about in this space. A blend of the pandemic, rising expectations and demands from citizens alongside increasingly available innovative tech is now encouraging governments to look for innovative and unique solutions for digital government challenges.

Now, in celebration of this new stream of innovation and development, the ecosystem can finally gather in one place. On June 16th Vilnius will become a GovTech capital and host the international GovTech Baltic Leaders Conference!

GovTech Baltic Leaders is a special chance for curious public sector organisations, adventurous startups, ambitious digital companies, and tech activists to gather for a full day of keynotes, discussions, fireside chats, and networking opportunities. This year the speakers will be talking about the entrepreneurial public sector, citizen engagement in the digital age, AI-public servants and much more.

Arune Matelyte, one of the organizers and the manager of the GovTech Lab Lithuania, said: “We often face the perception that the public sector and startups are incompatible with each other. However, so many entrepreneurs these days are looking for social impact challenges to solve. And so many digital government issues could be solved by innovations – from better public services to citizen engagement. GovTech Baltic Leaders aims to destroy these barriers. In addition to keynotes and discussions, we will host conversations between public sector officials and startups that have successfully worked together and co-created GovTech solutions.”

GovTech Baltic Leaders will host speakers such as Estonia’s Government Chief Data Officer Ott Velsberg, former Vilnius Municipality CEO, and current COO of unicorn startup NordVPN Povilas Poderskis, Advisor to Lithuania’s Minister of Economy and Innovation Erika Kuročkina, Strategic Policy Lead at Canadian Digital Service Michael Karlin, as well as many others.

But that’s not all. A major part of this year’s conference will be the in-person networking opportunities.

Kamila Gasinska, Partnerships Lead at the GovTech Lab Lithuania, explained: “Although digital communication is a lifesaver when in-person connection is not possible, we have seen how much ecosystem growth has happened since the return of live meetups. Our conference agenda and event space will have as many opportunities as possible for in-person networking.”

You can join the GovTech Baltic Leaders live in Vilnius on June 16th or online globally. Registration and agenda can be found here. It’s something you definitely don’t want to miss!

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