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Panevėžys Tourism Information Centre autonomous operation system pilot version

In order to increase the accessibility of tourist attractions and to improve the experience, the Panevėžys Development Agency Panevėžys Now is planning to purchase an innovative pilot version of an autonomous operation system, which would allow visitors to visit the Panevėžys Tourist Information Centre autonomously, without any on-site staff, and to receive the desired tourist services.


  • Many tourist facilities located in non-priority tourism regions, including Panevėžys, (tourist information centres, museums, galleries, observation decks, etc.) are open only on weekdays during the low season, during the normal hours of public sector institutions (8-17, 8-15.45 on Fridays), and in the summer, some of the facilities are open for a limited period on Saturdays. These opening hours do not meet the needs of today’s travellers, who increasingly value flexibility and the opportunities offered by digital solutions.
  • A pressing problem is the limited availability of non-cash payment options (national average score of 2.67), which is often due to low turnover, lack of internet connectivity and other reasons.
  • The institution is located in the central square of Panevėžys and is one of the first places to be visited by visitors to the city and the district, with 10 to 50 visitors per day, but with limited resources – a decision to extend working hours would divert staff from higher value-added functions such as developing new services, improving existing services, marketing projects, etc.


  • The solution must enable autonomous sale and purchase of souvenirs, payment infrastructure using credit/debit cards and mobile payment systems, and ensure data security.
  • The solution shall enable travellers to contact the staff of the visitor centre remotely, to receive automated alerts and information messages.
  • The solution must allow for the autonomous operation of the visitor centre, by implementing the management functions of this infrastructure – ensuring the security of the facility with the minimum of human resources and allowing the representatives of the institution to conveniently manage the infrastructure of the facility and assess the condition of the facility.

A detailed description of the functional and non-functional requirements of the solution is given in Annex 3 ‘Technical Specification’ to the contract.

Prizes for participants

This challenge is being addressed through a design competition. The project competition is carried out to select the best idea for solving the problem and to award a service contract for the development of a pilot version of the solution. Prizes will be awarded to the authors of the best solution concepts. Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third placed participants in the queue:

  • 1st prize – 5 700 EUR (the prize is awarded upon conclusion of a contract for the provision of services for the development of the solution)
  • 2nd prize: 3 500 EUR
  • 3rd prize: 2 600 EUR


The first prize winner will be awarded a service contract for the development of a pilot version. The contract shall be for a fixed amount of 47 200 EUR.

Additional information

Deadline for receipt of projects or applications: 26 September 2023, 17:00
Proposals must be submitted by electronic means only, using CVP IS.

For a detailed description of the challenge and the call for projects, please consult the Central Public Procurement System (CVP IS).


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