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More efficient use of radio frequencies and easier access to the radio spectrum

Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) is looking for a digital solution that can provide a structured view of (un)used radio frequencies and to enable spectrum sharing between existing and potential users.


  • Currently, the traditional means of assigning and using radio frequencies (application, examination, assignment or refusal of assignment) are used, but this method requires an individual decision each time, imposes a high administrative burden, is too slow and not interactive enough and does not meet the expectations of modern radio frequency users.
  • Currently, there are no technical solutions in Lithuania that would allow a structured overview of the (un)used radio frequencies. Each situation is assessed individually, which increases the administrative burden, as the market has to submit a formal request to the RRT each time to obtain information.
  • The growing demand for spectrum use requires innovative solutions to share spectrum resources more efficiently between existing and potential users.


  • The solution should allow interested parties to know reliably and quickly which radio frequencies suitable for their application are (un)used in which areas, user must be able to choose the radio frequency they want and apply for authorisation or register the use of the radio frequency.
  • The system shall be user-friendly and intuitive, requiring as few steps as possible to access the required information and/or to capture the need for use of the desired frequency/channel. The system shall have a user-friendly and clear interface allowing easy management of the application and allocation process.
  • The solution should enable the sharing of radio resources (handover or shared use of radio frequencies).
  • The supplier must propose a solution concept for the transfer of radio frequencies to another user and for shared use of radio frequencies, as well as suggestions on how to motivate frequency holders to share their existing resources.

Prizes and application to the tender

The following prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners of this competition: the 1st prize winner will be awarded EUR 5 200,00 (after signing the service contract for the development of prototype), the 2nd prize winner will be awarded EUR 3 200,00 and the 3rd prize winner will be awarded EUR 2 800,00.

The successful supplier will be required to execute the contract at a fixed price of EUR 44 800,00 (incl. VAT) set by the Contracting Authority.

Deadline for invitation to participate in the design contest: 20th of September, 9:00.

Detailed description of the challenge and the announcement of the project competition is published in the central public procurement system (CVP IS).

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