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How to create an innovative book recommendation system?

kauno apskrities viešoji biblioteka

Kaunas County Public Library is looking for a digital solution that can recommend books to library customers.


  • Declining reading rates are fostering the search for ways to encourage the public to read books. It is difficult for people who do not read or do not read a lot, to find literature of interest, most do not dare to ask librarians for advice, do not know what to ask for, and have difficulty expressing their needs.
  • Various studies have identified the difficulty of choosing a book as a major reason for decreasing reading rates.
  • Choosing the right book can encourage individuals to start reading more. A virtual book recommendation system could solve this problem by removing the barrier of communication (which is most relevant to people with autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, other disorders).
  • Individuals would not have to express their needs precisely, the system could automatically (according to the books they like or have read before) recommend books in a playful or similar forms.


  • The solution should serve as a book recommendation system / platform designed to encourage reading and valuable literature, adapted for visitors with special needs.
  • The system could have several ways to recommend books (based on books you like or with the help of various games, according to comments or ratings, etc.)
  • The aim is to improve the quality of services for all existing visitors, to attract new customers people who do not read or do it rarely. It also aims to save staff time.

Market consultation

Deadline for invitation to participate in the market consultation: August 5th

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