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“Klaipėda works” or how to attract investors to the priority sectors of Klaipėda’s economic development strategy?

Klaipėda ID is looking for a solution that periodically updates labour force data from publicly available sources, connects them to each other in a meaningful way, and displays information to attract investors to priority sectors of Klaipėda’s economic development strategy.


  • One of the main functions of the Klaipėda ID Agency is to attract investors to the priority sectors of Klaipėda’s economic development strategy. In order to achieve this goal, one of the key tasks of the Agency is to provide information to potential investors. It is also needed by local market players planning to expand in their own or related sectors. For these reasons, Klaipėda ID needs to continuously collect and organise information relevant to businesses.
  • The Agency’s resources are limited and its activities are financed by the municipality on a project basis. Collecting and organising business-relevant information is very time-consuming and there is no dedicated staff member.
  • Klaipėda ID faces the problem of data collection when conducting economic analyses, consulting business representatives, prospective and existing investors. The data needed to assess the state of the investment environment in the Klaipėda region are available on different platforms, are constantly changing and are difficult to compare with each other.


  • A digital solution is needed – a tool that covers both the opening up of data at the links where data is not yet centralised and the systematisation and centralisation of open data.
  • With such a digital tool, the organisation’s staff can carry out their immediate projects without having to postpone priority tasks, and the automated and fast information gathered and presented by the tool is not only more accurate but also faster. This would significantly improve both the quality of the organisation’s business service and its reputation in the city’s business ecosystem.

Prizes for participants

Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners:

  • 1st prize – 10 000 EUR
  • 2nd prize – 6 800 EUR
  • 3rd prize – 3 000 EUR

Additional information

The deadline for receipt of projects or applications for participation is 04.10.2021 at 10:00.

For a detailed description of the challenge and the call for projects, see the Central Public Procurement System (CVP IS).

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