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A digital solution for simulating public transport timetabling

Klaipėda Passenger Transport is looking for a digital solution to model transport movements and passenger flows and optimise existing routes and timetables using artificial intelligence solutions. The solution should rationally optimise longer waiting intervals, taking into account flows, bus stop position, day of the week and time of day between buses, and reduce the waiting time at bus stops.


  • In Klaipėda, a large proportion of the city and district’s population uses public transport – according to 2022 data, the average number of trips per day was more than 80 000.
  • In many cases, the timetables of public transport routes may not meet passengers’ expectations due to uneven intervals between bus arrival times, leading to longer waiting times at bus stops and longer journey times.
  • Existing timetabling systems have a limited ability to model situations. Uncoordinated timetables waste drivers’ resources and institutions’ resources, e.g. by sending more vehicles than necessary.


  • The solution should simulate different vehicle movement scenarios and optimise route timetables, taking into account real travel data and/or available and forecast passenger numbers, bus loads and time of day, time of year, location of stops, drivers’ working and resting patterns.
  • The solution should be able to predict passenger loads and propose targeted adjustments to the route timetable to achieve optimal bus loadings. The accuracy of the provided bus load forecasts shall be at least 90 per cent.
  • The solution shall provide fast data processing and optimal speed for route scheduling and/or load simulation.


A detailed description of the functional and non-functional requirements of the solution is given in Annex 1 ‘Technical Specification’ to the tender conditions.

Prizes for participants

Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third place winners:

  • 1st prize – 4 600 EUR (the prize is awarded upon conclusion of a solution development service contract)
  • 2nd prize: 3 500 EUR
  • 3rd prize: 2 500 EUR


The first prize winner will be awarded a service contract for the development of a pilot version. The contract shall be for a fixed amount of 42 400 EUR.

Additional information

Deadline for receipt of projects or applications: 18 October 2023, 10:00.
Proposals must be submitted by electronic means only, using CVP IS.

For a detailed description of the challenge and the call for projects, please refer to the Central Public Procurement System (CVP IS).


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